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Filipinas: Fe

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Author's notes.
My stories are based on my personal experiences. They are NOT fiction or fantasy. Each story is as close to accurate to what actually happened as I can remember, and I have a pretty good memory (even many years later).
In my experience, every woman I have been with, including every Filipina, has been unique in their physical (internally and externally), psychological and attitudinal makeup, but that is just my experience, which, with billions of women in the world, could be wrong. Likewise, what is possible or not possible for each couple is even more complicated and unique.
Please don't tell me that something is impossible just because it is outside of your experience (or what you have read or believed to be true). No one rule applies to everybody. If you think, "Oh, that is impossible," and you can't believe that something I wrote could have happened, then I invite you to stop reading my stories.
Nobody in this story was underage.
Hi. I'm Pete, and this is one of my stories. In 1969, Maria Fe was working at the Transit Office at Clark Air Force Base, where they assigned temporary quarters to those who were passing through, but would have delays before catching a plane to another destination. She was a bright and cheerful girl with long silky black hair and a button nose.
Maria Fe was very friendly, and I found her easy to talk with. I had already been through Clark several times before this, but I had never met Maria Fe because she had just recently started. We talked as she booked me, and she soon told me to just call her Fe because that was what her friends called her.
Because I frequently transited through Clark on my way to and from Laos, they typically gave me contract quarters in Angeles City rather than a room at the transit barracks. This was during the Vietnam War, so Clark was a very busy place. When Fe saw my file, and saw that I would get off-base lodgings, she commented that she had never seen the contract quarters off-base. I took the opportunity to ask what time she got off work and invite her to dinner as well as to see my quarters.
You have to understand that single Filipinas are usually very shy and very conservative in their behavior, so my asking her had just challenged about half of her culturally imposed rules about behavior with foreigners. She didn't answer me right away, but finished my booking and got out my key and map.
When she was done with her briefing, she said, "I get off at 1800 hours, and I would like to go to dinner with you. Where should we meet?"
It was already 1600 hours, and I still had to stop by security police to check in my weapons at the armory, so I told her, "I will pick you up outside at 1800 hours."
It is unusual for personnel to carry individual weapons on Air Force aircraft, but I had special orders that allowed me to carry my weapons and access them at any point during transit. Therefore, I had weapons, and since I couldn't take them off-base, I needed to check them in with the armorer at the Security Police office.
At 1800 hours, I was back at the Transit Office to pick up Fe. Unlike in the office, she was fairly quiet in the shuttle van, but when we got to my room in Angeles City, she was once again talkative. We went to my room first, so I could drop off my bags, and she did a short tour of the room. It was basically a hotel room with an attached bathroom, which made it much better than staying at the transit barracks on base.
I had been traveling for almost three days and was feeling pretty dirty. I asked her if it was OK with her if I shower, shave and get dressed in civilian clothes before we went to dinner, and she said, "OK." Once I was feeling human again, I went back into the bedroom where Fe was laying on the bed with her eyes closed. I guessed that it had been a long day for her too.
I had been with a few girls in Angeles City on previous trips (bar girls, but still), and I had found that an easy way to take the tension out of a girl was to give her a massage. I sat down on the bed and started massaging Fe's feet. She woke with a start, and at first wanted to sit up, but I convinced her that there was nothing wrong, and that this would make her feel much better afterwards.
She practically melted as I massaged first her feet, then her legs, then her neck and shoulders, then her back, and finally her bottom. At each step, she hesitated, but then allowed me to continue.
When I was massaging her bottom, I asked, "Would it be OK for me to loosen your clothing as I go along to make it easier to massage you?" She nodded her agreement.
First, I asked about her skirt, which after some thought she agreed to, and later, when I moved the massage back to her back, I loosened her blouse and bra (both of which also opened in the back) without asking. By the time I had finished her back, I had removed Fe's skirt, blouse and bra from her body, but I had placed a sheet over her so she could maintain ankara yabancı escortlar her modesty. She had fallen asleep a few times during the massage, so I knew she was exhausted, but I also knew that she was enjoying the massage.
"Turn over on your back," I said.
I was surprised that she actually rolled over on her back just because I asked her. Knowing that she was shy, I had expected that this might end the massage, but it didn't. She hesitated and then rolled. Starting with her neck and shoulders, I then paid attention to her chest, but I tread very lightly around her nipples. That doesn't mean, however, that I didn't still spend time on her soft breasts before moving my hands to her abdomen.
Fe was moaning and trembling a little by this time and her eyes were closed. I asked her if she was scared for some reason, and she told me that no man had ever touched her like this.
I asked, "Do you trust me?"
She replied, "Although I don't know why, I do."
I took that as a go-ahead to continue what I was doing, but at the same time, I didn't want to scare her, so after I had massaged her abdomen, I switched my attention to her feet. Like before, when I was massaging her back, I worked my way up her legs slowly, letting her fires ignite along the way. By the time I reached the hem of her panties, she was already wet and (even though she didn't yet realize it) ready for more.
I slowly slid her panties down her legs and off her feet with little protest. Amazingly, after she gave in, she even raised her bottom off the bed to make it easier for me. Once they were no longer in the way, I concentrated on the areas close to her pussy, but not yet touching her vulva. At this point, you have to remember that she still had a sheet over her body, so I hadn't actually seen much.
During the massage, I had also removed my own clothes, so now I was kneeling between her legs with nothing between us (the sheet not over her legs). Fe didn't realize that I had removed my clothes because she had her eyes closed and her head was turned away from me. I think she was avoiding admitting what was happening, but that didn't mean she didn't want me to continue the massage. She liked the feelings she experienced.
Now, it was time to lightly touch the various parts of her vulva. One advantage that I had was that, because I had been with girls already, I somewhat knew my way around a vulva. I knew what to touch and when to touch it without setting off any unnecessary alarms in her head. Later, she told me that what I was doing felt so good that she had been transported to paradise and wasn't thinking much at all.
When Fe was sopping wet, I discovered her hymen covering most of her vagina, so I knew that she was a virgin. Rather than using my fingers to press against it, and possibly hurting her before I got a chance to enter her, I took the tip of my cock and used it to stir her up from her clit to her vagina. She had no idea what I was doing and assumed she was still feeling my fingers against her vulva.
It wasn't long before her hips were rocking every time I went back and forth through her vulva with my cock tip. When my cockhead once again landed back in her vaginal entrance, I pushed my cock into her with one heavy thrust. My cock slid in about halfway with that first thrust and quickly ripped through her hymen. Fe's eyes popped open and she had a pained look on her face.
She screamed and said, "No. Oh my God. What have you done? You took my virginity. I didn't know you were going to do that."
I replied, "I'm sorry. I thought you knew what I was doing. I didn't realize that you were a virgin." That was a lie, of course, but she didn't know that, and there was no point telling her otherwise.
My cock was already halfway into her, and I had to decide what to do. Would I pull out, or would I continue? Of course, I chose to continue, pushing my cock further into her depths. At first, I just used short little strokes because, from the way she was scrunching her face, it was obvious that Fe was still hurting from her torn hymen.
It didn't take long, though, before my cock was bottomed out against her cervix. That was when I pulled the sheet completely off of Fe's body, and went in for a deep kiss. My cock was mostly buried in her depths, and this was our first kiss. I was never good at doing things in the proper order.
When we finally ended the kiss (with my cock still deep inside of her body), Fe asked, "Do you love me?"
I replied, "Honestly it is too soon to know for sure, but I think this might lead to love."
That seemed to satisfy her, and I felt her vagina tighten around my cock. Obviously, whatever pain she had experienced was gone. That was my cue to start sliding slowly in and out of her love tunnel. With every stroke, I was going deeper and faster with her matching my rhythm.
Pretty soon, our bodies were slapping together with every thrust, and my cock was ankara yeni escortlar almost exiting her on every out-stroke. I honestly hadn't even thought about protection with her (I seldom did), and I'm sure it never even crossed her mind. So, when my first climax came deep in her depths, it was an experience she had never felt before. I think it must have felt good to her, but she didn't react much other than heavy breathing and moans.
She didn't climax that first time. In reality, very few women do climax their first times having sex. After their hymen has been torn, their vaginas are pretty irritated, so a climax isn't likely. Maybe it happens more with women who have used other methods to open up their hymens before intercourse. I don't know.
Fe wasn't actually aware that I had already cum deep inside of her, but she knew that I had stopped fucking her hard. I was kissing her deeply and suckling her nipples while my cock stayed inside of her, so I think that she just thought I had paused. I never got totally soft or stopped moving inside of her completely, and before long, I was again hard enough for another go. This time, of course, her depths were well lubricated by my first load of cum, so I slid in and out of her depths easily.
This time was also different because she was already warmed up. Being a conservative girl, Fe had already decided that because I had taken her virginity, she would do everything in her power to keep me (and hopefully marry me). That included giving me whatever I wanted.
Because of this, she fell into my rhythm with enthusiasm, and her body responded in kind to my stimulus. The longer we fucked, the louder she got. Fe was soon making all kinds of sounds, from moans to squeaks, and it was obvious that she was heading toward an orgasm this time.
It didn't take long before we reached an orgasmic peak together. Her body was spasming while I was trying to plunge as deeply as I could into her depths while unloading another load of cum. I was sure that my cockhead was distending the entrance of her cervix, but things just weren't lined up perfectly for more.
I felt something pulsing against my cockhead as she climaxed with me, which I'm sure was her cervix spasming. My cock was spraying semen through her cervix into her womb. It felt like my cockhead was being squeezed deep inside of her before it withdrew, and then I slowly slid out of her depths.
We lay there for a while before I asked her if she would like to go to dinner now. She nodded, so I got up and helped her into the shower. It was just a normal-sized shower, but it was still big enough for both of us to shower together.
Once we were done (and we didn't screw around in the shower except for lots of touches), we got dressed and went down the street to a restaurant. It was simple food, and it didn't take us long to finish our meals.
We talked a lot during dinner, and we both knew a lot more about the other by the time we were done. I asked her what she would like to do now. Fe blushed and even though she said she knew it was a sin, she asked if she could spend the night with me.
I said, "Of course," and we walked hand-in-hand back to my room. We made love one more time before we dozed off. This time she was sore in her vagina, so I don't think she enjoyed it much, but she was willing.
Even though I was in-transit at Clark, I had to keep up my daily running and exercise regimen and target practice at a special range set up for the members of my detachment travelling through. Therefore, I had to get up early the next morning to get back to the base. She got up with me, and after we talked for a bit, she went back to her room (in a boarding house) to get ready for work.
I told her, "We can meet again when you get off work if you want."
She replied, "I was hoping you would say that, but even if you didn't, you couldn't get rid of me if you tried," and gave me a big, long, wet kiss on the lips before leaving.
This was a glimpse into the future, but I missed it. For now, though, it felt a lot like what I imagined paradise to be.
I headed for the base and ran ten miles before getting a shower at the gym and heading for the chow hall for breakfast. Then, I headed off for the armory to pick up my weapons. I had a shuttle ride to the special range (in a remote corner of Clark Air Force Base, where I could shoot at targets up to a thousand meters.
This was an unsupervised range, so I had to clear the range and set up targets myself each time I shot. I spent a couple of hours shooting at the range, and then I returned by shuttle van to the armory to clean my weapons and turn them in at Security Police.
By that time, it was time to head back to the chow hall for some lunch. Eating most of my meals on-base usually made life easier for me in-transit, so I almost always had breakfast and lunch at the chow hall. Dinner was a bit more problematic, since I was usually quartered sincan oral yapan escortlar off-base, but I got travel per diem to cover that.
When I was back at my home base, I would eat almost all of my meals at the chow hall. Since I lost so much weight on missions, that would often include midnight chow in addition to the three normal meals.
After taking care of some other business on base, I got a shuttle van back to the Transit Office, where Fe was already waiting out front. Then, it was back to Angeles City. We stopped for dinner first, and then went back to my room.
I told Fe that I needed a shower (even though I had showered twice in the morning (before and after my run) and asked, "Would you like to join me?"
She immediately said, "Yes," and started unbuttoning her blouse. I could get used to having this woman around.
Fe had brought a small bag with her, and she asked, "Could I keep some clothes at your room, so I won't have to go back to my room before going into work tomorrow?"
I said, "That is OK by me," so she put some of her clothes in the armoire in the room before stripping off her clothes and joining me in the shower.
This shower was much more relaxed than our previous venture, and both of us spent a lot of time paying plenty of attention to the special bits. By the time both of us were fully clean, her pussy was dripping with lubrication, and my cock was hard enough to split stone.
I backed her up against the shower wall, and she wrapped her legs around me as I lifted her body up into position. When I felt her vaginal entrance against me, I released her just enough to let her pussy encase my cock fully. My God, that was a wonderful feeling. Yes, this was definitely my idea of being in paradise.
As tiny as Fe was, her pussy was a perfect snug fit for my raging cock. I almost came on the spot from the exquisite feeling of fully entering her, but I just held her there until my body relaxed enough to not cum in her immediately.
She told me later that when I entered her in the shower, her pussy was still sore from her cherry being busted the night before, and she grimaced as my cock filled her depths. I never saw it, though, because her head was on my shoulder. She didn't want me to see the pained look on her face.
Once I thought I could go on, we went at it like a couple of rabbits. We still didn't last too long, but it was long enough that we both felt the throes of climax shuddering through our bodies. I almost lost my balance because my brain turned off as my hot sperm shot through her cervix and deep into her womb. I was able to regain my composure, though, and we cleaned up again before toweling off to head back to the bed.
The second night, we talked even more than the first night, and by the end of our discussion, I had a pretty good idea what she was all about. Fe wanted to get married and have a large family. I had three siblings, and I thought that was a large family, but she said that four kids were just a good start.
She emphasized that she was loyal, and unless I told her that I no longer wanted her around or did something unforgiveable, she would probably stick with me. She also said that she would do anything I wanted, and that because she was a simple woman, she wouldn't put too much of a financial burden on me.
I was as honest as I could be with Fe. I told her that I was only an Airman First Class, and that because of my job, I couldn't really marry yet. My job was classified and I couldn't tell her that part, but I did tell her that my job had me doing some very dangerous things in Southeast Asia, and that if I was killed, they wouldn't tell her how I died... even if we were married. For that reason, I didn't really want to get married yet, as I might leave a widow who wouldn't even know what happened to me. She was confused, but I couldn't really tell her more.
In reality, my job was to drop in deep into enemy territory along the Ho Chi Minh Trail and identify targets for the Air Force to attack. As it turned out, it wasn't a job with a bright future. Most of the guys in my detachment (Air Force Scouts 1SOW) eventually went MIA (presumed dead). It was an extremely dangerous job.
Some people say they aren't scared going into combat, but I was scared shitless every time I was dropped off in Laos. These were one-man missions into enemy territory, and the NVA didn't treat people very well if they were caught playing in their backyard. For that reason, I had already determined that I would never be captured alive. Better to die quickly from my own bullet than slowly and painfully at the hands of an unforgiving enemy.
Of course, I couldn't tell Fe any of that, and I wanted to continue our relationship, so I kept her hopes alive by whispering sweet nothings in her ear without actually committing to marriage. She knew that I wasn't stationed at Clark, so she would only see me occasionally on my way through to and from the war.
She thought she could deal with that, and it would give us time to get to know each other better. Unfortunately, I never had any idea that I had a mission until I received orders for each one, so there was no way I could let her know in advance that (or when) I was coming through Clark.
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