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A Night Out

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A Night OutThis is a chapter from my upcoming book The Hotwife and the Professor. coming soon on Amazon. Available in ebook and paperback under my pen name Raul Montana. Enjoy!A few weeks have passed since Oliver and Quinn had last gone out for a night on the town. It was a typical Saturday in Jacksonville Beach, FL. After spending all day at the beach, Oliver and Quinn decide to go out for dinner and some drinks. They start the night at Poe?s with dinner, a couple beer for Oliver, and a couple gin and tonics for Quinn. They leave there and head over to Bo's Coral Reef, the local gay bar, which tonight is featuring a drag show. They get a table with an unobstructed view of the stage, order a few more drinks, and enjoy the night. The show ends, and the bar is still crowded, but not a lot is happening for Oliver and Quinn. Oliver glances over at Quinn, who is looking as beautiful as ever. She is wearing a short dress showing off her lean, tanned legs. Quinn looks at Oliver and smiles.?Why are you staring at me?? "Because you are beautiful. I am going to go to the restroom, order us a couple drinks, and when I come back, we will spice things up in here."Quinn gives him a quizzical look as he gets up and walks to the restroom. Oliver returns to the table, which has two fresh drinks on it. Oliver takes a sip then places his hand in Quinn?s lap as he turns to talk to her. ?You ready???I am not sure how much spicing up I can do in here. 99% of the men would be more interested in you. I don?t think I would get very far flirting with them.? ?Who said anything about you flirting with a man? I was thinking that you could go flirt with that lady at the bar that you have been checking out since we came in.? "I have not! Well, a little."?It?s ok.??It is odd that she is so attractive and sitting in a bar like this by herself.? "Well, here is what you are going to do. Go to the restroom, and when you come out instead of coming and sitting here, you go sit in the barstool next to your new crush."Quinn hesitates presses her tongue against her top teeth. ?Ok, I will give a try.? As she starts to get up, she leans over to give Oliver a kiss on the cheek. "Oh, and when you come out of the bathroom, your panties should be in your purse."Quinn shoots Oliver a shocked look, which he returned with a stern look that said, do it, without him saying a word. Quinn returned from the restroom. As she walked past Oliver, Quinn reached in her purse, lifting her panties. Providing evidence that Quinn complied with his demand. Quinn walked around the bar. She made eye contact with the girl that was her target. She smiled at Quinn, who returned the smile."Is anyone sitting here?" Quinn points to the seat next to her.?No, it is all yours.? ?Thanks, I am Quinn.? Sticking out her hand. ?Isabel,? reaching to shake Quinn?s hand.?I loved the show.? ?Me too, they are always so funny.??So, you come to see them often?? ?Yes, partly to see the show, partly to avoid being hit on.? "Oh," Quinn replied, looking for a way to back away gracefully."By guys, I mean," Isabel said, touching Quinn's arm to reassure her.They ordered drinks and chatted for a while. The more they talked, the more they touched each other. Growing more obvious as they continued. Quinn decided to turn things up a little, crossing her leg as she reached forward for her drink. Allowing her dress to ride up a little on her thigh. Then she uncrossed them, exposing her pussy, and re-crossed them as she turned back to speak to Isabel. Isabel looked up with a lustful look in her eyes as she regarded Quinn.?That looks tasty,? Isabel said as she licked her lips. "You can taste it if you like, but I have to be honest, that is my husband at the table over there."?I know I noticed you when you were sitting with him, plus I didn?t think you bought this ring for yourself.? Isabel leaned in close to Quinn. As she said this and let her hand fall to the inside of her thigh. Isabel slid it up her thigh, her fingers grazing Quinn's pussy. Then Isabel placed the finger to her lips and closed her eyes as she savored the taste."Are you ok with him joining us?" Quinn stammered, trying to maintain her composure.Isabel places a hand behind Quinn?s head and pulls her in to kiss her. Isabel breaks the kiss. ?Yeah, sure,? Isabel says, switching personalities from sultry to bubbly.The girls waved Oliver over. ?I thought you would never call me over; I got hit on three times.? "We know we were watching." They giggled. Even though they were lying. Because neither noticed anything but each other for the last 30 minutes.They get into Quinn's car, Oliver driving, and the girls are in the back seat. They start to make out as soon as they get in. Oliver is watching in the rearview mirror. Isabel looks up at him.?Let?s go to my place; it?s not far.? She gives him the directions, then returns to kissing Quinn. As Isabel kisses her, she slides her hand up Quinn's thigh, pressing on the inside of her legs, forcing them to part. She begins to rub Quinn's clit causing Quinn to moan. Then she slid a finger inside Quinn. Making her moan so loud that Oliver almost ran off the road, trying to see what was going on. Thankfully, they were not far from Isabel's home. As soon as they were inside, the ladies were back to making out and exploring each other's bodies. A trail of clothes littered the way to the bedroom. Oliver followed along, enjoying the show. When they arrived in the room, both were completely naked.Isabel forced Quinn on the bed then climbed on top of her, pinning Quinn with her body while kissing. Isabel then moved to Quinn's neck, then her breast, and traced her tongue down Quinn?s stomach. Until she finally reached where she was promised she could taste. Quinn was at Isabel's mercy, and she didn't mind at all. Isabel licked and sucked on Quinn's clit. Letting her tongue slide inside Quinn then back to the clit, pushing Quinn toward a climax. Isabel stopped licking. Moved back up on Quinn, kissing her again, Isabel moved even further up, placing her breast in Quinn's mouth. Quinn eagerly sucked on Isabel's tits as Isabel was reaching into the bedside table. When she returned from the table, she was holding a strap-on dildo of some sort. It had a colossal penis-shaped dildo facing one direction. Then a smaller one that was perpendicular to the first and a strap that went around. Isabel held it in front of her presenting it to Quinn as she grinned. Quinn returned the grin, and she reached for it. Isabel laid on her back as Quinn started to insert the bigger end inside Isabel. Isabel held up a finger and wagged it side to side. She then maneuvered the contraption with the smaller end poised at her entrance. Quinn eased it inside Isabel, then moved it in and out a few times, gaining a few gasps and groans from her. Isabel reached down, pushing the smaller dildo inside her. She raised her hip and moved the strap around her securing it into place.Isabel grasped Quinn by the hips, guiding her onto the massive dildo protruding from Isabel. Quinn moved herself up and down on the sizeable phallic toy, adjusting to its size. Isabel again grabbed Quinn?s hips and thrust forward. Slamming the crash test penis inside of Quinn. Quinn's body convulsed. Her breast shuddered with each impact. Seeing this made Isabel increase the velocity and power of her thrust. Quinn's head fell back, and then she let it fall forward. Isabel reached up, grabbed Quinn by the hair, pulled her toward her, and kissed her again. She wrapped her other arm around Quinn's waist. Isabel rolled over with Quinn so that Isabel was now on top. She raised up onto her knees and placed her hands behind Quinn's thighs. Pushing them back, fucking Quinn, with her imitation manhood. Isabel then pulled the dildo out of Quinn and rolled her onto her stomach. Grabbing her again by the hip, Isabel continued her assault, forcing the dildo back inside Quinn. Isabel moved her right hand from Quinn's hip and grabbed her by the hair again. Pulling her head back as she drove the cock deep inside her. She pistoned inside Quinn relentlessly. Causing Quinn to scream out with every prod. Quinn then collapsed forward. Isabel removed the strap-on allowing Quinn to recover some. She sat on the bed next to Quinn's head and coaxed her to roll onto her back. Isabel kissed her, working down her body again, reaching her pussy. Isabel's pussy was next to Quinn's head, but Isabel did not move to force Quinn to reciprocate. Quinn noticed Isabel's proximity, reached over, and guided Isabel's pussy to Quinn's lips. They licked and sucked each other's pussies in unison, moaning as they did. Isabel was the first to reach climax raising her head from Quinn's pussy. Her body flailed spastically as Quinn increased the intensity of her onslaught. Isabel slid forward so that Quinn could no longer reach her clit. As Isabel was recovering, she was playing with Quinn's pussy with her left hand. She then looked up at Oliver, noticing that he had his now rock-hard cock in his hand. She curled her finger, beckoning him to join them. Oliver stood to remove his pants, dropping them to the floor. Then he took off his shirt before complying with Isabel's digital order. When he reached the bed, Isabel grasped his cock, placed it in her mouth. Giving it two quick bobs up and down the shaft to lubricate it and then guided it inside Quinn's vagina. Quinn cried out with pleasure at the sensation of the familiar presence inside her.Oliver increased his motion but could not get all the way in because Isabel returned her mouth to Quinn's clit. Quinn groaned again and began to shudder as waves of orgasm washed over her. Her body writhed with pleasure until it seemed as if every muscle in her body clenched at once. A mind-numbing climax took hold over her. Quinn came so hard that she squirted. Isabel raised her head, licked her lips, and returned her attention to Quinn's clit. Quinn quivered with each swipe of Isabel's tongue, and she rolled her hips with each thrust of Oliver cock. Isabel relented and raised her head, allowing Oliver to thrust his aching penis inside Quinn. It wasn't long before he was building to his peak. Oliver wasn't sure where he should cum, should he pull out, but where would he shoot it? He didn't have time to decide. He slammed his hips forward and unloaded his weapon inside Quinn. Oliver groaned out his pleasure and held his penis as deep as he could get it inside. Ollie looked down at Isabel, who was looking up and him and smiling. She placed her hand on his stomach, encouraging him to remove his cock from Quinn. Oliver backed away; his softening member flopped out, and some cum came out with it. Isabel seeing this returned to her attack on Quinn's pussy. Licking and sucking it, gobbling up every drop of Oliver's cum she could find. Quinn couldn't take anymore and rolled onto her side so that Isabel fell off. Isabel turned around, and they kissed again and hugged as they recuperated together. Oliver joined them on the bed behind Quinn, dr****g his arm across her hips.
04-30-2021, at 02:29 PM

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